MeteoViva® Climate

MeteoViva® Climate guarantees healthy indoor climate at reduced energy consumption. MeteoViva® Climate

  • increases the productivity of employees
  • cuts energy costs 15-40%
  • pays off within 6-36 months
  • can be used in any building and any automation system
  • attaches to the existing building automation
  • includes all features of MeteoViva® Monitoring

Energy costs and CO2 emissions are reduced

MeteoViva® Climate does not react to actual states like a conventional closed loop control system. MeteoViva® Climate predicts the development of heat and cold demand of a building.

The technical plants are predictively operated. Heat, cold and fresh air flow "just in time" into the building as demanded for a desired indoor climate.

Quality of the indoor climate is enhanced

You set your desired climate, we make sure it stays that way. MeteoViva® Climate is handled via Mein MeteoViva®.