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MeteoViva targets US Market

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German technology aims to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions of American buildings


Washington D.C./Juelich, Germany, April 27, 2015 – Having proven its effectiveness in Germany and Europe, MeteoViva now brings its award-winning energy-efficiency technology MeteoViva Climate to the US market. With its patented software solution, the company claims it can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions up to 40 percent in industrial and office buildings.

The German engineers have developed a completely new approach to building management. The software determines a building's future needs for heating and cooling – thereby sustainably reducing energy costs. To do this, the solution incorporates all room climate influences in a model and calculates the optimal settings for the HVAC systems. This ensures that the existing technology is optimally utilized in generating a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

"Current technologies react to changes in temperature, often resulting in an uncomfortable climate and high costs," explains Dr. Stefan Hardt, Managing Director of MeteoViva. "MeteoViva, on the other hand, considers all influencing parameters – such as building physics, people, machines and weather forecasts. It calculates in advance how much heating or cooling will be needed." So far, the software has achieved sensational amortization rates of two years or less. It works with any building equipment and is manufacturer-independent.

"Expansion into the US market is the next logical step for us," says Hardt. "In the US, energy consumption is considerably higher than in Europe and the American market lags behind European energy efficiency standards. The fact that MeteoViva Climate is paid based on its success to save on costs aligns favorably with the American way of thinking."

MeteoViva is meeting with potential customers in Oregon and California this week and will embark on a roadshow along the East Coast in June. Last February, the company founded a US subsidiary, MeteoViva Inc., based in Washington D.C. Baumann Consulting, a US-wide provider of green building solutions, will provide support regarding the sale and installation of MeteoViva Climate as a cooperation partner. MeteoViva wants to successively expand its network of qualified sales partners.

MeteoViva Climate is already being used in over 50 large buildings throughout Europe, including at the headquarters of the logistics company DHL, at factories operated by Daimler, Bosch and BMW, at Düsseldorf Airport and various municipal buildings in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany.

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