There is a vision behind every good idea

MeteoViva – optimal climate makes a difference

Behind MeteoViva is the vision of Markus Werner: not only can the indoor climate of every building be managed in a predictive manner using a thermodynamic model, but a predictive model can lead to significant energy savings. For energy-efficient building concept he examined, Markus saw a feasible methodology to optimize the heating, cooling and ventilation, provided a reasonably simple, yet accurate, thermodynamic model is used. The model should factor the building physics, its HVAC equipment, but also its usage, and the weather forecast. This realization was the starting point for the development of a truly disruptive technology. It was also the starting point for MeteoViva.

Founded 2001 in Aachen by Markus Werner, MeteoViva has offices in Jülich (Germany, headquarters), Basel (Switzerland, since 2013) and Washington (USA, since 2015). With MeteoViva Climate, the company is offering a smart data solution which optimizes building’s HVAC equipment to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The technology is manufacturer-agnostic. The company leverages its expertise through the use of sales and service partners in Europe and the US. MeteoViva Climate is being used in more than 70 large buildings totaling over 1.2 million square meters and almost EUR 10 million in energy costs.

Nature is our role model

Our goal is as simple as it is complex: Create a comfortable indoor climate while reducing the use of energy resources. For a lasting quality improvement in the workplace and everyday life. We travel this route together with nature: MeteoViva Climate is oriented on the dynamics of nature and adjusts to changes invisibly. In doing so, we are setting new standards of intelligent heating and air conditioning of buildings. For a better climate at a lower cost.